What can we do for you:

Does your company identify with any of the following situations?

  • not knowing how to surprise your customers
  • looking to differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • trying to identify new business opportunities
  • wanting to convert the innovation capacity of your employees into a competitive advantage
  • I would like to create a culture of innovation in my company but do not know where to start

We offer…



We conduct workshops for employees, managers and executives who wish to improve their ability to innovate. Some examples include:


– Skills of innovators
– Change the rules of the game: business model innovation
– Creating an innovation strategy
– Strategic monitoring to observe the environment
– User-centric innovation / design thinking
– Become an anthropologist and understand your customers
– Co-creation with customers
– Learning to use your creative side to generate innovative solutions
– Open Innovation: connects and develops
– Technology roadmap for technology management
– Innovative culture for your company


We perform consulting projects working with your team and also offer innovative solutions working with our multidisciplinary team of collaborators.

• Systematization of innovation to make your innovative capacity transform into a culture of innovation and a sustainable competitive advantage over time.
To do this we start with an initial diagnosis and work appropriate levers to drive innovation and make it part of your DNA.

• Development of innovation projects with your team: we focus on the initial stage of the innovation process which we call discovery, leading to the presentation of a conceptual solution.
We explore the area of innovation challenge to achieve a greater understanding of the various aspects related to this, and with all that knowledge gained we test different theories until arriving at the best solution for the challenge. That is, we seek inspiration to successfully tackle ideation.

• Strategic analysis of the environment: we analyze your industry, your competitors, technologies and trends that can have a major impact for your future.

• We use ethnographic techniques to deepen the knowledge of your customers and introduce “insights” from which to generate new solutions.

• If you wish, we can be your external innovation department, establishing a relationship of trust over time. Our knowledge and expertise at your disposal, offering flexibility and cost savings.

• We develop innovative solutions that respond to your innovation challenges without interfering with your day to day operations.To do this we created a multidisciplinary team according to the challenge and innovate in any of the following types of innovation:

– Business Model Innovation
– Product Innovation
– Service Innovation
– Customer Experience Innovation
– Positioning and Communication Innovation
– Brand Innovation
– Channel Innovation

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